Our Mission and Aims  使命宣言及宗旨

Mission 使命宣言

OCCAC exists to serve the Chinese community in Oxfordshire by providing independent quality advice and services, enabling them to gain equal access to public resources, improve their quality of life and integrate into society.


Aims 宗旨

  1. To help the needy by the provision of advice and assistance
  2. To provide interpreting and translation services
  3. To provide recreational & cultural activities to combat social isolation
  4. To advance education and improve living and employment skills
  5. To provide health talks and information and promote healthy living
  6. To act as a bridge between the Chinese community, the wider community and public bodies
  1. 提供諮詢及援助,以幫助有需要的人
  2. 提供傳譯及翻譯服務
  3. 提供文娛活動,以減少與社會的隔膜
  4. 提高教育水平,改善生活及就業技能
  5. 提供醫療講座及鼓勵健康生活
  6. 作為華人社區與其他社群及公共團體之間的橋樑

Day Centre 日間中心

日期65,12,17 (星期),26


           911,16 (星期),25



時間:  10:00am - 2:30pm

費用: 會員£4.00

地點: East Oxford Community Centre
          44B Princes Street, Oxford

      OX4 1DD

會員費:£5.00 (2018-2019)


 Family Sports Day 2018


日期: 2018   624 (星期)

                    729 (星期)

                            812 (星期)

              930 (星期)

                          1028 (星期)

                   1125 (星期)

              2019 1 6 (星期)

                            224 (星期)

                            331 (星期)

地點:  Ferry Leisure Centre,

          Ferry Pool Rd, Oxford,

          OX2 7DP

時間: 1:004:00    

費用: 成人 £2.50

      小孩3-12 £1.50



2018 Dragon Boat Festival


日期: 2018 617 (星期)

時間: 2:004:00    

地點: East Oxford Community Centre
         44B Princes Street, Oxford

          OX4 1DD



  • Guzheng solo performance

      古箏演奏 -《漁舟唱晚
  • Children singing with Guzheng accompaniment

  •   Guzheng performance  
      古箏演奏 -《彩雲追月
  • Children singing duet

      兒童清唱 -《康定情歌
  • Guzheng solo performance

     古箏演奏 -《四段錦

  • Western love songs with guitar accompaniment

Karaoke time