Chinese Day Centre 日間中心

The Elderly Day Centre meets at least twice a month on a Tuesday at the East Oxford Community Centre (just next to OCCAC) from 10.30am until 3pm. At the Day Centre, lunch will be provided as well as a host of other activities including; Chinese Chess, Hakka Bridge, Mah Jong, Seated Exercises, music activities, crafts, etc. Occasionally, there will also be talks related to health as well as health checks such as blood pressure tests. We ask for a small fee of £4.00 to cover the costs of lunch and provision of activities.             


       象棋  麻雀   卡拉OK   椅上運動 音樂活動

            手工藝製作  書法   量度血壓

午膳費用:£4.00   *若疫情尚未改善,午膳将会取消,日间中心活动亦将以线上形式进行

  Zoom Meeting ID: 856 2236 5845    Passcode: 123123

Opening Days     

Date 日期 Time 時間
             2021 1:30pm - 3:00 pm
(以线上形式进行 online)

* 由于疫情尚未完全缓解,午膳将会暂停至105日。

Due to Covid-19, the Day Centre Lunch is suspended till Tuesday 5th October
10月 Oct 5、12、19及26日
11月 Nov 2、9、16及23日