Services 服務

  1. Providing information, advice, interpreting and translation services through drop-in and appointments
  2. Organising suitable cultural, educational, art, music and recreational activities for the scattered Chinese community
  3. Organising various health and educational talks, workshops and classes
  4. Organising health walks and exercises to enable the Chinese community to become healthier and more active
  5. Recruiting volunteers to serve the Chinese community and needy people in society
  1. 在中心開放及預約時間內,提供資訊、諮詢、傳譯及翻譯服務
  2. 為散居的華人社群舉辦適當的文娛、教育、藝術、音樂及康樂活動
  3. 舉辦各類健康及教育講座、工作坊及課程
  4. 舉辦健康步行及運動使華人更健康及更活躍
  5. 招募義工以服務華人社區及協助有需要的人仕