2019 Training and Talks



   地點 Venue東牛津社區中心
                East Oxford Community Centre 44B Princes Street, Oxford
                          OX4 1DD
日期 Date 時間 Time 題目 Title 講員 Speakers
28日                中午
12:00 noon -
下午 12:30pm
取消 Cancelled
11日 取消 Cancelled
17 取消 Cancelled
21 Community Music Workshop
 Miss Grace To
Music Therapist
28日 Is Snoring an illness?
Dr Rong Hu

Health talks in 2019:


9/4 Making Full Use of Left-Over Food Dr Mo Guan
16/4 What should you do after being burgled?   Miss Emily Tsui
30/4  I Love Peking Opera  Mrs Guichun Fun
9/5      Carers' Mental Health Q&A Dr William Lo  , Retired HK Consultant Psychiatrist
14/5  Medication Safety Mr David Wan & Mr Winson Mok, Pharmacists
21/5 How to Prevent and Relieve Back Pain Dr Jingping Lu, Herbalist
11/6 Dementia Awareness Ms Late Czecko and Ms Lisa Thomson, Alzheimer's Society
18/6 Dementia Care Mr Mark Britton, John Radcliffe Dementia Information Café
9/7 How to Take Care of Your Stomach Dr Jieru Li, Herbalist
16/7 Recycle for Oxford Ms Laura Baughan and Team Oxford City Council
23/7 Palliative care

Living a Complete and Fulfilling Life
Dr Huiping Chen

Mrs Rhoda Wong, Retired Senior Social Worker
27/8 21st Century Health Perspectives Dr Helen Zhang and Team
17/9 Depression in Older People Miss Grace To, Music Therapist
24/9 Eyes Care Dr Jieru Li, Herbalist
8/10 Planting Goji Berries and Living a Happy Life

Thrombosis Prevention
Mrs Kitty Yiu

Dr Wei Ling
15/10 How to Take Care of Your Spine (I) Dr Jingping Lu, Herbalist
22/10 Is Hoarseness an Illness? Dr Rong Hu
5/11 How to Take Care of Your Spine (II) Dr Jingping Lu, Herbalist
12/11 Lion Dance and Mah Jong Workshops OCCAC
19/11 How to Take Care of Your Ears Dr Jieru Li, Herbalist